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The Newborn Box

The Sensory Station

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These boxes have been created with your little ones in mind.  To stimulate senses and promote development. Watch as your baby's awareness of the environment intensifies with every crinkle, flash and colour.

Research has shown that newborns prefer to look at black and white, rather than bright colours. They also have colour vision for high contrast colours, such as black, white and red.  This box has been specifically tailored with that logic in mind.  

Each box contains the following:

- Super soft white tag blanket

- Monochrome sensory ribbon

- Black sensory scarf (other colours available if you wish to change to a colour)

- Usborne "baby's very first little black and white book" (selected a random)

- Marble geometric teething bangle 

- 4 x sensory development cards 

 Please bear in mind scarf colours can run when in contact with water. The Sensory Station recommends giving them a gentle hand wash in warm water prior to use.  Keep away from babies mouth. 


The items in this box are not intended as toys but as an aid to enhance child development and encourage sensory stimulation. Therefore adult supervision must be in place at all times.  It is the personal responsibility of the child's caregiver to assess the environments safety and consider the age and capability of the child whom this is intended.