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The Natural box

The Sensory Station

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These boxes have been created with your little ones in mind.  To stimulate senses and promote development. Watch as your baby's awareness of the environment intensifies as they become aware of their natural surroundings.

Heuristic play describes the way in which babies and toddlers interact with every day objects.  Natural items are sensory rich, each object having a different feel, smell, texture and taste.  They invite babies to find out more, promoting motor skills in the process.  They encourage open ended play and keep little ones entertained for hours.  

Each item in this box is untreated and eco-friendly.  Maintaining their natural, sensory properties. 

The box contains an organic cotton, drawstring bag to hold the items. 

Each box contains:

-One bamboo, biodegradable toothbrush

-One dried orange slice

-One long Pine cone

-One spoon buddy

-One wooden person

-One dolly peg

-One wooden maraca

-One vine star

-One wooden egg

-One wooden egg cup

-One small organic, beech wood ring

-One willow wood slice

-One organic cotton drawstring bag 


The items in this box are not intended as toys but as an aid to enhance child development and encourage sensory stimulation. Therefore adult supervision must be in place at all times.  It is the personal responsibility of the child's caregiver to assess the environments safety and consider the age and capability of the child whom this is intended.