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The Sensory Station - Where we are at

Posted by Vanessa woollatt on

Firstly I want to start by thanking you all so much.  Every purchase, follow, like and share is so greatly appreciated.  I could only dream that in three short weeks we could be in the position we are.  I have gone from losing my job at the start of this awful pandemic to gaining the most amazing business. I say "we", because if it was not for my husband encouraging me, supporting the family, caring for our daughter and helping me develop my ideas I would not be here.

So, where have we come and where are we going:

1) We are launching a brand new box (today) and have two more that are developed and ready to go, plus another themed box that will be making an appearance over the coming weeks.  It takes a while because I am so particular about what goes into them.

2) We have designed our own packaging and custom boxes that will be ready to go in a few weeks to make your delivery that extra bit special.

3) I am in the process of designing my own flash cards.  After many, many hours of searching I am yet to find a brand that sells exactly what I have in mind so I have found a great company who print and another who can create the packaging.  All flash cards in our boxes will then be exclusive to The Sensory Station.

4) We are now able to order in much larger bulks, which means we are much less likely to run out of anything (she says).

5) We post every single week day, anything ordered by 2.30pm (Monday - Friday) will be posted that same day.

6) Sensory Station HQ is already getting a makeover in order to accommodate the unprecedented amount of orders we are receiving.

After asking our Instagram followers for feedback we have implemented the following:

1) All of our mailing bags and boxes are fully recyclable

2) We are working hard to stock quality, wooden toys and are in talks with several manufacturers 

3) We are working on a collaboration with a fantastic Eco friendly business (stay tuned)


All this in three, small weeks.  I have bigger, long term plans and cannot wait to share every part of this journey with you all

Vanessa x